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K1331 Low Rise Boot Jeans

K1331 Low Rise Boot Jeans

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Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of the "K1331", our exclusive women's bootcut jeans. The deep blue of the jeans is artfully accentuated by contrasting topstitching and elaborate decorative stitching on the front and back pockets. Classic elegance merges with modern design to create a unique piece.

The striking highlight of these jeans is undoubtedly the back pocket, which is embellished with an artfully embroidered cross motif. This subtle but effective accent gives the jeans a special touch. The eye-catching honeycombs, characteristic of an authentic used look, give the overall look a certain vintage feel.

Another quality feature of these exclusive jeans is the brown MM leather back patch, which not only stands for high-quality workmanship, but also adds a touch of rusticity to the overall look.

With the "K1331", you are not only opting for a timeless pair of bootcut jeans, but also for a statement of style awareness and individuality. Wear them for different occasions and experience how they emphasize your femininity and elegance.
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