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New Romantics Embroidered Dress

New Romantics Embroidered Dress

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Discover the irresistible elegance of our ochre dress, which not only impresses with its warm color, but also with its sophisticated details. This dress is a tribute to timeless class and harmoniously combines a touch of vintage with modern sophistication.

The ochre shade gives the dress a warm yet elegant look. The lacing at the waist skillfully accentuates your waist and gives the dress a feminine silhouette, while the elegant pattern adds a touch of exclusivity to the overall look.

The lacing at the waist allows you to adjust the dress to suit your individual style. The elegant pattern creates a charming look and gives the dress a timeless yet modern touch.

Wear this ochre dress with its lace-up waist and elegant pattern for festive occasions, evening events or simply to add a touch of elegance to your everyday life. Combine it with subtle jewelry and heels for a stylish look.

100% viscose
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