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B01 Signature Skinny Stretch Jeans

B01 Signature Skinny Stretch Jeans

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Dive into glamor with our black skinny jeans from the Signature Collection - a stunning garment that features back pockets embellished with shining rhinestones and robust studs to accentuate your elegance and sophistication.

The deep black color of the jeans lends a timeless elegance, while the skinny fit and stretch ensure a flattering silhouette and maximum comfort. The back pockets are the stars of this design, richly decorated with glittering rhinestones and cool studs that lend the jeans a rocking elegance.

The artistic embellishments make these jeans not just a piece of clothing, but a statement. The Signature collection stands for the highest quality and a unique style that will take your look to the next level.

Wear these black skinny jeans with a simple top for a glamorous everyday look or combine them with an elegant blouse for an evening full of style and elegance. The combination of deep black denim and the sparkling details make these jeans a highlight in your wardrobe.

Experience the luxury and exclusivity of the Signature collection - get these black skinny jeans now and make a statement of style and glamor.

90% cotton 7% polyester 3% elastane

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